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XLPharmacy and buy Viagra Online instantly and have the unforgettable pleasure of sexual stimulation with your partner and lead a happy married relationship with her Due in part to the social stigma that is attached to erectile dysfunction as well as the much better prices, many men suffering from erectile dysfunction today choose to buy Viagra online In this way the medication is delivered discretely to their homes without the embarrassment of having to ask for it at the local pharmacy On top of which, the prices found online are almost always considerably lower than those found at brick and mortar pharmacies simply because their overhead expenses are much lower The trend of purchasing erectile dysfunction medications through the Internet has led to the development of a multimillion dollar online industry that many online businesses have tried to tap into From the ubiquitous email spam to a huge selection of online pharmacies, the available ways of purchasing these drugs online is truly vast This means that people interested in buying erectile dysfunction medications should take the time to find a reliable online pharmacy as there are many unscrupulous operators out there Assuming you want to buy Viagra online, the first thing is to make sure that the product you have selected is what you think it is There are a lot of products out there that use the Viagra name, or some variation of it, to sell assorted herbal concoctions which have no proven medicinal benefit at all The whole reason that herbal products are largely unregulated is because as far as the medical community is concerned, these substances have no real medicinal value Therefore you want to ensure that your selected item lists sildenafil citrate as its active ingredient This is the generic name of the drug that makes Viagra effective and it is produced generically in India, China, and other countries Once you have found an online pharmacy that sells your sildenafil citrate product, the next step is to determine whether or not the seller is reputable Frankly, this can be very difficult in that online review sites are constantly abused by various interests: one online pharmacy may specifically write bad reviews about their competitors, another may specifically post good reviews about itself, and so on Further, generally people do not leave reviews if they are satisfied customers, as their expectations have been met, so there is no incentive to leave reviews This means that many of the review websites are dominated by people who have had negative experiences, and even if this is just a tiny minority it tends to misrepresent the actual situation Instead, the first thing you should do is make sure that the online pharmacy has direct contact options that put you in touch with a real human being Most of the scam websites do not offer this option as they know the customer will be unsatisfied and therefore they want to avoid dealing with them Look to make sure the pharmacy has a phone number and a live chat option and test both of them to make sure that you can get through to a real person before ordering In fact, you may want to consider ordering directly by telephone as opposed to using an online form Finally, be sure to carefully document the whole transaction and hold on to everything until you product arrives Keeping track of the transaction numbers and amounts and ensuring that your product arrives before sixty days has passed (the deadline for disputing a purchase with most credit card companies) can guarantee that you have recourse should a problem arise Most online pharmacies are legitimate and sell high quality medications – even if they are generic versions – but it pays to be careful and keep a close eye on everything when purchasing anything online Over 20 years ago, everyone was very hushed about a condition that plagued men all over the world However, today, we see references to buy Viagra everywhere There is even a popular movie in 2010 where a goat eats Viagra This movie is a comedy and, with all good comedies, it makes jokes about things that we all know are acceptable, but are still a little bit embarrassing For America, Viagra is one of those things we joke about Not only because we are okay with it, but because we are also still a little bit secretive about it However, we, as a culture have begun to accept that Viagra and generic Cialis are just a natural part of growing older for many men It's not uncommon to know someone who needs to buy Viagra It's also for the number of women and men who take it to correct heart conditions Over the past 10 years, Viagra has been mentioned hundreds of times in videos, TV, movies, and other media It's a topic that every major comedy does eventually